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 The Hairy Bastard’s handcrafted line of beard oil is to insure your beard will make a winning impression. The Hairy Bastard beard oils go one step further by entrancing those around you with their captivating fragrances.

Leather Beard Oil, is Hairy Bastard's most virile scent, is physical, bold, and demands an adventurous soul, while it evokes a carnal trust born out of a connection to one’s own raw sexuality.

Squeeze 3-4 drops into your hand and rub together, massage it into your moustache and beard, and release the moisturizing properties that allow it reach deep to the hair follicle, repair damage, minimize itch and control flaking and dandruff. At the same time, you’ll benefit from a beard that is more manageable, neat, and smooth, highlighted by a healthy shine.