Why it's important to shop at your locally owned store like Creative Male

  • You are supporting a local business which then supports the area where you work, live, and play. Shopping with us keeps money in your local economy and supports local jobs.
  • You are helping a business that celebrates the uniqueness of our community and heightens community pride and spirit. Creative Male is very involved in local events and charitable organizations.
  • Our customers are like our shareholders - they are the ones we strive to make happy bringing in lines that appeal to them. These are lines that you are unlikely to see anywhere else in the community. We offer brands that are local and / or from small companies from other areas of the world.
  • Manufacturers of many of the lines that appeal to you would not survive without the local retailer. Most of these lines rely on the retailers to keep their businesses afloat, websites are just add on sales for them.
  • Miami and Miami Beach rely on tourism. Tourism is generated from our wonderful weather, shopping and nightlife. To keep shopping fun, you need independent stores that are not in every city across the country.

So today we're we are asking you to get out and shop small. Support your locally owned stores, restaurants and bars that rely on your support

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